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Divine Guidance with Rachel Cooley

1 to 1 Online Coaching & Group Mentoring Experiences assisting Spiritual Women, Soulpreneurs, & Feminine Leaders
to open and receive the Divine Birthright Blessings allowing them to thrive at their highest capacity!


Become a Divinely Thriving Woman Who Can Positively Impact a World in Need!




I'm Rachel Cooley, Angel Mentor & Practitioner and I help women reconnect with their Divine Guidance & Angelic Support so they can Thrive on a Whole New Level in Life!


For the last 24 years, I have been working with Spiritual women who desire Divine Blessings in their Lives and Emerging healers, light workers, spiritual entrepreneurs, coaches and feminine leaders ready to thrive in their purpose driven business.


I'm passionate to help you Activate Divine Power in Your Personal Life , Your Communities, and in the World! To Open and Receive the Blessings & Support that are Your Divine Birthright.  So that You, and others whose lives you touch, Experience the Miraculous Life Available with the Angels!


Through this Support it is Possible to Step into your Prosperous Divine Calling feeling Confident, Trusting, Empowered, Clearly Guided in Each Step, & Provided for Financially so you can Bring your Gifts to a World in Need!


It is such an honor and joy for me to support each woman to thrive as they desire to in their personal and/or professional lives.

My life has literally been saved by angels. I was in a near-tragic car accident in 1998 as my car started to slide off the road. As my car was sliding, I felt a peaceful calm energy come over my body. And, I heard a female voice guide me to safety.

This voice, that I believe was guidance from an angel, saved my life. My life is now dedicated to bring the blessings of the angels to earth as my angels not only saved me that day in 1998, but ever since then, they have assisted and supported me in so many ways in my own life. As a result, I am here today to share the beautiful blessings of the angels with all the women and healers that I support.

As a woman who is a leader, business owner, mother, care-giver, and wife, I know it can be challenging to balance life at home and at work.  I am here to support you, so that you also can experience as much ease, calm and clarity in your life as the angels have given to me.

I invite you to join my Facebook Group to receive Angelic Guidance and Resources with other amazing women! 

Angel Sisterhood for Divinely Thriving Women


testimonials- client love

Yemaya Indira,
Soul Alchemy Midwife

Angel Mentors

Jill Stein, 
Prenatal Medium

 Tiffany Kiefer,
Motivational Speaker

Angela Roberts, 
Unforgettable Marketing

Marit Muller,
Connection Coaching


What can being rooted in the truth of your birthright blessings bring forth in your life?

Feminine Leader, Non-Profit CEO, Retreat Center Owner, Hypnotherapist, and Angel Mentor Lydia Ramirez
shares he
r journey.

hear how this angel mentor received for herself & guided others into healing, protection, transformation of family dynamics, and prosperity!


set your angelic support session here to discover
what your next steps are with the Angels! 





Tomasa Macapinlac-
Holistic Business Mentor

Rachel is a true healer. Very sweet and heart-centered. She helped clear some of those energetic daggers a few weeks ago and I have to say, I felt unstoppable. Clearing is something we must always do, because we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

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