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Your Prayers are Being Answered

Angel Card Reading for this week from Archangel Michael!

“Archangel Michael: Your prayers have been received by the Divine. Answers will come soon, although perhaps in forms you didn't expect."

Just this morning an incredible woman, named Jessica, in my Angel Sanctuary Journey group, announced this message was for her when I posted it on You tube.

Jessica has dramatically transformed her life experience asking for support from the Angels, and opening to receive her birthright blessings over the past 3 months in the Angelic Sanctuary Journey!

When she began the first month she was incredibly distressed, feeling a lack of faith and trust as she struggled to find work here in Silicon Valley, even though she is an accomplished Silicon Valley professional. She was considering moving out of her amazing home here to another state. But she chose to interrupt that experience and follow her Divine Guidance, attending my Birthright Blessing Series and began embracing them in her life by joining the Sanctuary Journey. Over the past 3 months she stepped into her emotional, mental, and energetic power and transformed her emotional state.

She is now beaming with loving light and a radical joy that people find contagious!

She now has an incredible new job that was completely manifested through the Divine impact she experienced working with the Angels in this journey. Incredible!!

What I know, after my 24 years helping women with the Angels, is that our prayers are most certainly answered! So, let’s lean in to understand how to work with the God, the Angels and Archangels to live a Miraculous Life being supported by these blessings!

You can access my FREE Video Series: Claim Your Birthright Blessings HERE!

May Michael's message & my prayer with him bring you the encouragement Dear One that you need to let go of this situation, your past & all that no longer serves you!

This beautiful message came through Radleigh Valentine's The Archangel Michael Sword of Light Oracle Cards

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