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Divine Guidance from "Archangel Michael: This situation no longer serves you. Allow me to sever your energetic connections to the past so you can embrace the future."

~ From Radleigh Valentine's The Archangel Michael Sword of Light Oracle Cards

May Michael's message & my prayer with him bring you the empowerment Dear One that you need to let go of this situation, your past & all that no longer serves you! Archangel Michael has been a great guide and co-creator of my

Angelic Sanctuary Journey for women to step into their Miraculous Life with the Angels.

Are you ready for a new experience?

We begin to naturally attract communities and opportunities that help us walk in our Divine Purpose path with this grace and ease when we hold ourselves strongly in the Truth of our Birthright Blessings. When we cultivate our capacity to be in Union in our heart, mind, emotion, expression, actions and use of resources we begin to experience the Miraculous! That's exactly what the women in my Angelic Sanctuary Journey are doing!

Is this journey with the Angels for you?....

I invite you to Make room for the Divine in Your Life! Things won't be the same, we are called to something greater and it requires us to TRUST the guidance we receive. It requires us to REFORM aspects of our lives so I invite you to BE FLEXIBLE, make room, and know that you and others in your life will be profoundly BLESSED by your choice.

I can't wait to see what unfolds next on this Miraculous Journey.

It's time to open & receive, so you can...

  • Up-level your life and pursue your Divine purpose with greater ease, courage, and confidence.

  • Activate Healing & Optimal Well-being so you can feel more vibrant to live fully.

  • Become more Unshakable, Rooted in Certainty, and be Able to Trust Your Guidance & Path in Life!

  • Come to "Know" the Unique Spark of Spirit you are, and deepen into your purpose, gifts, and calling.

  • Feel completely supported to be the best version of you!

  • Activate your Inner Oracle & Intuitive Communication Skills to Receive Clear Divine Guidance so you can make more confident choices from a place of clarity & peace.

  • Break free from stress, uncertainty, fear, and anxiety patterns to relax, renew, and re-energize. Stoke your Radiance and inner Light!

  • Have the doors to new opportunities opened so you can expand to the next level of prosperity.

  • Women who joined the Sanctuary early are already receiving miracles in this area of their lives! Open to Receive Sister if you are called here to this journey.

  • Experience more connection, joy, confidence, ease, certainty & love on a daily basis.

  • And So Much More!

WHAT WILL YOUR ONE AND ONLY PRECIOUS LIFE BECOME BY EMBRACING YOUR DIVINE BIRTHRIGHT BLESSINGS?? What Divine Impact will your choice make on your family, community, and others you serve in the world? If not now, when will you live to your highest in the blessings that are yours?... God, the Archangels, and Angels, and I are here to support you to step into that!

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